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Parenting is hard work.

Finding biblically-sound resources for your kids shouldn’t be!

Our mission is to help families cultivate a biblical worldview in their children’s hearts with theologically-sound resources.


We want to help you take full advantage of the opportunities you have to share the Gospel clearly with your little ones and point them to God's Word as the ultimate authority for their lives. 

"A short and sweet resource to help your little ones remember the most important reason to celebrate Christmas—the good news of Jesus!"



Everyone wants to be treated with kindness...  but why is being kind the right thing to do?


“Why Should I Be Kind?” shares the joy that kindness brings, pointing to Jesus as the ultimate example of kindness that we're called to follow.


Children should always obey their parents...

but there’s more to it than "...Because I said so!"


“Why Should I Obey?” explains how joyful obedience to parents is a command from the Lord that also brings a wonderful blessing.


What if someone hurts your feelings…

but doesn’t say they’re sorry?


“Why Should I Forgive?” teaches the importance of forgiveness, along with the beautiful biblical truth that Christians should forgive others because they have been forgiven themselves by God.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

but what's so special about it?


"Why is Christmas Special?" reflects on the joys of Christmas and ultimately arrives at the true meaning of this very special holiday.


The beautiful Christmas scenes in this 38-page children's book will instantly fill your heart with joy - and the message of hope that it shares will last forever!

Watch a Special Animated Version of "Why is Christmas Special?" Below!

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Welcome to!

As parents of five children, we've found it can be a challenge to find children's books with clear Gospel presentations and sound theology.  We believe the time spent reading to your child is an incredible teaching opportunity that should not be missed!

Christian Home Books emphasize the Gospel and practical theolog
ical truths in basic terms that children ages 3-10 are able to grasp clearly.
Children are a priceless treasure from the Lord and there's nothing more important than teaching them to love and follow God.  We want to see joy-filled homes as both parents and kids submit to the biblical principles given by God for our good and His glory.

Let's strengthen the next generation for Christ together!

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We have much more coming soon!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Ben & Ashley Thompson
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